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January 3, 2013
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Minispris stage 2 by LaneChan Minispris stage 2 by LaneChan
I'm always up for rp so feel free to note me or ask for my msn u// //u
N A M E : Dream
C U R R E N T - S T A G E : Two
G E N D E R : Male
H E I G H T : 3'5"
T E R R A I N : Ira
C L A S S : Offensive // Strike

W E A P O N : Leg Blades (Bat Winged Blades)
*Two tonged wings with golden chains hanging from them. They're heavier than they look yet they work surprisingly well in the wind.
S K I L L : Breeze Slice (Lv.2)
*A string of speedy kicks with hefty blades. The attacks are more efficient while the wind is blowing in the direction applied, the attack will slow down if the wind is in the opposite direction. The chains are quite useful is trapping (or getting trapped) near the blades.

P E R S O N A L I T Y :
*Slow: Not one to be rushed, Dream likes to take things at his own pace. He tends to react rather slowly and with a lot of care. His movements are only quick and sudden when he is fighting.
*Carefree: Dream is not one to think too far into a subject. He lets ideas and events roll out without thinking of the consequences. "What happens, happens. I'll deal with them later." This happens to the point where he seems rather lazy.
*Easily Embarrassed: Though even tempered, Dream is quick to react to a situation. This happens in reaction from doing something incredibly embarrassing or just missing a joke that someone has told.
*Considerate: Dream is not one to judge, his slow reactions give him time to think the situation through. Though he might look surprised or embarrassed at first glance, he will take the situation into consideration.
*Caring: Dreams always has an eye out for friends. Ready to jump in to protect his chaps, he often finds himself in strange situations making him wonder if his actions are doing more harm than help.
*Sarcastic: Though this side of his personality doesn't appear often, Dream is one with quick comebacks when irked or offended. These statements are usually accompanied with a smile.

H I S T O R Y :
Dream started his new life flowing down a river and almost getting stabbed with another sprite's weapon. It was quite a start for this new life but not one Dream personally would recommend to anyone. He was able to meet new friends, though most of the opportunities were lost from his regular habit of sleeping through the day. Incredibly insecure of his abilities, and of himself, he made a resolution to make new friends and grow a thicker back bone.

A D D I T I O N A L - I N F O :
* He always takes his blades off when he sits, in case he might slice someone (or himself).
* Incapable of floating or flying on his own but with the help of the wind, he can travel through Ira
* His least favorite area is Vaal. The heat makes him uncomfortable.
* Based off of night skies and flying squirrels, he has a rather puffy tail jutting out from behind him.
* The cloth is waterproof, it also doubles as a hood.

P R E V I O U S S T A G E S:
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How adorable!
I really like this chibi style +v+
u// //u thanks tea!
immasweetslovinggirl Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
aaawwww QuQ so cute!
thank you! u v u
immasweetslovinggirl Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome
fishtune Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love those leg blades! *v* they look amzing
thank you!
They are a danger to walk in if you aren't used to them though haha
Paper-Flux Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
arcanium Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
* * Gorgeous design! And so much improvement from before too..!
We must rp sometime too U v U
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